Our commitment to the environment extends into the technology Advanced Medical Center utilizes. COMPUTERIZED RADIOGRAPHY (CR), also known as digital X-rays, requires no chemical processing and creates no hazardous wastes. Additionally, the ability to accent and enhance X-rays taken can reduce the need for retakes up to 90%, thus decreasing a patient’s exposure to radiation.How CR Works

Phosphor coated imaging plates are used in CR to capture X-rays as they pass through the patient.  To alter their properties, trace impurities are added to the phosphor materials, which when irradiated, store the radiation in their altered crystalline structure. When stimulated by additional light energy of the proper wavelength, this “trapped” energy forms the latent image.

Recycle and Reuse

Computed radiography works very much like conventional radiography, including the capturing equipment. Phosphor plates, like film, are stored in cassette format; however, they are reusable. Once a plate is exposed, it is processed in a CR unit that scans and translates the contents in to digital data. This data can be imaged on computer screens or printers and also archived for future use.


DUAL ENERGY X-RAY ABSORPTIOMETRY (DXA) is a fast, convenient and precise way to measure bone density and assess risk of developing osteoporosis and future fractures, and most recently, diagnosing cardiovascular disease.

DXA devices could change the way doctors and scientists look at osteoporosis. Assessment allows for early detection of fractures and fracture risks. HSA and 3-D imaging promises to provide information on bone strength and structure. AAC detection and body composition measurements are extending DXAs’ utility outside of the osteoporosis field and addressing the important preventive health fields of cardiovascular disease and physical fitness.

Osteoporosis Overview

Osteoporosis is a “silent” disease. In the US, 4 times as many men and nearly 3 times as many women have osteoporosis than report having the condition. One of the most dangerous myths about osteoporosis is that only women need to worry about bone health. Four out of every 10 white women age 50 or older in the US will experience a hip, spine, or wrist fracture during the remainder of her life. 13% of white men in the US will suffer a similar fate.

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ULTRASOUND is also available to Advanced Medical Center patients.