Urgent Care

Advance Medical of Naples understands that urgent care can mean different things to different people and we strive to meet that expectation in the care and time we are available to our patients.  If your are ill or injured we are here for you with onsite radiology, laboratory, lacerations, minor surgical, casting and splinting.   Our staff can test for the issue, find the problem and fix it all within our clinical area.  If your urgency is that your medical issue is getting worse or you are out of your medication we can help with that too.  No matter the reason that brings you to our office , our staff is here 7 days a week and is ready to help you understand the medical issue – and get you feeling better, and quickly back on the road to recovery.

Some of the typical urgent care and walk in treatments are for:
Eye injuries
Fracture care
Sprains and strains
Sudden onset of minor illness