Occupational Medicine

Advance Medical of Naples is the largest provider of workers compensation related medical care in Collier County.

We provide quality medical treatment for patients with work-related injuries and illnesses and provide medical evaluations to help ensure employees return to work safely in a timely manner.

The staff at Advance Medical of Naples works directly with the patient, employer, and insurance carrier in order to ensure continuity and compliance.

Advance Medical of Naples maintains an occupational medicine practice to service the needs of employers, employees and insurance companies for safety, benefits and health maintenance. We can customize physicals to specific employer needs, monitor employees at high-risk of exposure and provide worker’s compensation treatment, referral and reporting. We treat work-related injuries, so that employees may return to work in a timely manner.

• Department of Transportation
• FAA flight physicals class I, II, III
• FDLE law enforcement
• OSHA respirator physicals
• Firefighter assessment
• Maritime captains
• Routine pre-employment physicals
• Executive wellness

Drug Screening
• Exposure Monitoring
• Urine
• Drug-Free Workplace
• Personal
• TB
• Chemical exposure
• Pesticide exposure
• Lead testing
• Heavy metal testing

Worker’s Compensation
• Walk-in for emergent care
• On-going care by appointment
• Onsite radiology, lab and pharmacy
• Splints/casting/crutches
• In-office referral coordination
• Employer correspondence

On-site Services
• Health Fairs
• Flu vaccine
• Lunch & Learns
• Employee education
• Wellness screenings