Labs & Diagnostics

When you have an urgent medical need, Advance Medical of Naples is here for you. You can see a physician promptly and avoid the Emergency Room unless it’s a life-threatening condition that requires a hospital.

For the convenience of our patients, Advance Medical has an in-house laboratory that can process most of the testing needed during the course of your appointment. Most test results are available before you leave the office.

Lab hours
Mon-Fri: 8-8
Sat-Sun: 9-5

T: 239.566.7676 x 117
F: 239.254-3136
E: [email protected]

For non-urgent care needs, we often schedule laboratory services in advance of the appointment so that our providers can review the results with you and answer any questions.

You may request a copy of your lab results at any time in person, via our portal or by secured email. If there are additional tests needed, we may use multiple reference labs to try to stay within the expectations of your insurance coverage.

In-House Laboratory Services:

Instant Testing:

· Urinalysis
· Strep A
· Influenza A/B Liver Function Testing
· H Pylori Electrolytes
· HIV Cholesterol
· Urine Pregnancy
· Hemoglobin A1C
· Mononucleosis
· Sed Rate

Analyzer Testing:

· Complete blood count
· Blood Chemistry
· Liver Function Testing
· Electrolytes
· Cholesterol